“Beirut is an ugly city. Well, at least that is what architect Assem Salam says about the war-torn city he spent his life living and working in until his death in 2012. He spoke to the BBC about how there is a jungle of grey concrete that towers over his garden, hiding what used to be a spectacular sea view. It is not the loss of the sea view that he mourned. It is not the commonplace nostalgia for the old and familiar that drives his bitterness about an extraordinary pace of construction in his city.

One of Lebanon’s most prominent modernist architects, Assem was a vocal advocate for, and active in, trying to improve Beirut’s built environment — his aim was to inspire the development of a unique and new form of Beirut architecture.”

(Article Atelier Talli/ interview BBC)


After 20 years spend in France, the last nine month I’ve been visiting and observing Lebanon like if I was never been here before. I can unfortunately say that Assem Slam description's of Beirut can be generalized on all others cities of Lebanon. This series of virtual drawings reflect the ‘aggressive and inhuman’ urbanisme.